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P r o j e c t s

Ask Sally
Club Débris
Copper Viper
Harp Bazaar

Some other artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the last few years:

The Langan Band, The Dolmen, Gypsy Dynamite, The Cash Cows, Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band, Colomboloco, The Timorous Beasties, Jaz Delorean, Lisa Marini, Nathaniel Robin Mann, Rodrigo Braga, SuperGrouse, The Danny Sherwood Triage, Hadar Manor, Joey Herzfeld and his So-Called Friends, The Gastric Band, Arse Craic, The Craic Dealers, Yaldi, The Hanging Stars, Brandy Row, ArtPACKT, Erick Adrian, Slow Wolf, The Dead Victorians, Fit and the Conniptions, Dom Glynn, Platform-7, The Tarot Ensemble, Indotranceltic, Rusty String Theory, Ede Kay, The Crux, Simeon Hammond Dallas, The Jambalaya Band, James Riley, Nineties Nashville Night, Simon Howard, The Broken Oaks

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