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26 Feb 2018

P-bROCK Digital Bagpipes on the BBC! Here is the very talented Guy Booth playing and discussing his one-handed chanter for BBC Breakfast:
























6 Oct 2017

Here's a brand new video describing the P-bROCK Digital Bagpipe system.  For all the latest information on new developments, you can now follow P-bROCK on Facebook by clicking here!

21 Aug 2017

Had an amazing 3 weeks on tour in Italy with Harp Bazaar - can't wait to go back again soon!  Visit the Harp Bazaar YouTube channel for live performances and tour diary videos!

1 July 2017

Delighted and honoured to have received joint first prize at the One Handed Musical Instrument (OHMI) Awards event today.  The OHMI Trust do amazing work to support musicians (and future musicians) with physical disabilities - it's a privilege to be involved with them, and I'm looking forward to continued collaboration to make the P-bROCK Digital Chanter available to one-handed players very soon! 

My personal highlight of the event was meeting a young man called Guy who was born with one hand and who has been keen to play the bagpipes for several years.  He tried out the P-bROCK system and gave it his seal of approval - I'm very excited to get the chanter (and associated tuition/learning software) out to him and watch his progress!


2 May 2017
Duncan will be presenting a custom one-handed fingering using the P-bROCK Digital Chanter to the One Handed Musical Instrument (OHMI) Trust on the 2nd of May.  As the name suggests, the OHMI Trust aims to enable people with the use of only one hand to play musical instruments, and for every instrument this provides different challenges.


For the bagpipes, the challenge is not in simply providing access to the nine notes of the traditional scale (which could easily be accomplished by adding key-work to the chanter), but rather in allowing the player to perform the traditional embellishments which are central to the piping tradition.  Here's a video demonstrating how this can be achieved using the new one-handed fingering mode on the P-bROCK chanter.


26 April 2017

It's been a very busy month of gigs, rehearsals and digital bagpipe development - lots of new things to be unveiled in the near future - starting with this brand new website!

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